Winners of annual contest BEST MEBEL UA announced!

вернуться назад

Traditionally, in the frames of Kiev International Furniture Forum KIFF the large contest being the most awaited project on selection of Ukraine’s best furniture producers is held, which is called BEST MEBEL UA.


BEST MEBEL UA is a presentation of products made by Ukrainian furniture manufacturers using modern design and innovative solutions. Winning this contest is a witness of the high quality of the company’s products.

The contest is organized by Kyiv International Contract Fair.

This year the contest was held in the following nominations:

  • Kitchen furniture suite (Classics)
  • Kitchen furniture suite (Modern)
  • Soft furniture suite (Classics)
  • Soft furniture suite (Modern)
  • Living room furniture suite
  • Bedroom furniture suite
  • Children’s room furniture suite.

46 contest samples had been offered to be assessed by the jury headed by Oleksandr Prokopov, architect, president of the Di Concept company. The jury assessed the exhibits according to the criteria of Production Quality, Ergonomics and Design.

So, the winners of BEST MEBEL UA 2016 are:

  • In the nomination “Children’s room furniture suite” – MERX INTERIO, TOV for the LOUNGE suite;

1_merx_Lounge_001 1_merx_Lounge_002 1_merx_Lounge_003

  • In the nomination “Soft furniture suite (Modern)” the winner is DAVIDOS TM with the MUTI suite;

2_Muti_001 2_Muti_002 2_Muti_003

  • In the nomination “Living room furniture suite” – CLASSUM FACTORY for the STELLA suite;

3_Classum_001 3_Classum_002 3_Classum_003

This year the “KITCHENS” nomination was the most numerous in terms of the works submitted by the jury. The winners in this nomination are:

  • In the nomination “Kitchen furniture suite (Modern)” the main prize went to the ELIO UKRAINE company for the ELIO CARBON suite. It is a pleasure to notice that this original exhibit was paid much attention by the thousands of KIFF 2016 visitors.

4_Elio_Carbon_001 4_Elio_Carbon_002 4_Elio_Carbon_003

In the nomination “ Kitchen furniture suite (Classics)” the jury gave the prize to three companies:

  • LIS MASTER for the BLANCH suite

5_Blange_001 5_Blange_002 5_Blange_003


6_Elio_Elnova_Blue_Marine_001 6_Elio_Elnova_Blue_Marine_002 6_Elio_Elnova_Blue_Marine_003

  • MERX INTERIO for the VIRGINIA suite.

7_merx_Virginia_001 7_merx_Virginia_002 7_merx_Virginia_003

Kyiv International Contract Fair, the organizer of Kiev International Furniture Forum, thanks the companies having participated in the contest and invites everyone to take part in BEST MEBEL UA in March 2017. We wish all contestants, i.e. manufacturing companies, designers and artists – creative success, flourishing and inspiration for achieving even more!

Source: kiff.kiev.ua

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