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What is the minimum amount of goods should be ordered for delivery to be free?

Answer: To the amount of UAH 5000

Can I order an exclusive product that is not in the standard list of suppliers of accessories and upholstered furniture components?

Answer: Of course you can. To this purpose, there is an exclusive service as “Custom-made goods” in the company “Mebelny master”. The client can order as exclusive accessories and components, as types of goods, which are usually purchased from another vendor, but at the moment are not in stock.

What is foam rubber? How to do it?

Answer: The foam rubber (soft polyurethane foam or short PPU) – a soft polyurethane foam, consisting of 90% air, used as an emollient and as a reference material, as well as to give elasticity and insulation to products. Due to the structure of chicken wire, foam rubber has good indicators of flexibility and breathability.
Foam is produced in the form of blocks or different forms. Block of foam, followed by cutting on CNC contour cutting as part of its physical and mechanical properties are better than their molded counterparts. In addition, details of the block of foam rubber “breathe”, and molded articles crusted, which is not breathable. At the same time, the moldings are more economical and may have different stereometry while contour cutting machines do not allow cut from a block of foam rubber parts of any shape. Currently foam rubber is periodic and continuous process. Periodic, or so-called “Drawer” method has a 50-year history and involves pouring portion of the foam rubber in the box, the side walls of which, after raising the foam open. Received blocks vary in their properties and have, in comparison with continuous, worse quality indicators. In the continuous mode of production, formed foam moves through the pipeline. This allows to get blocks of different lengths up to 60 meters. According to its properties box is homogeneous, may differ only pad part of the block – the first 1,5 m. Foam rubber, which is sold by “Mebelny master”, produced by continuous process.

What is the density of the foam rubber?

Answer: This value indicates how much foam is contained in unit volume (as there is still air in foam cells, this quantity is also called apparent density). With the designation of various grades of foam rubber, such as ST 2534, the first two digits indicate the density – Twenty-five kilograms per cubic meter. At the same time a block of foam rubber is not homogeneous, so the density is measured at different points along the height of cut, and then determine the average density. Density is an important indicator of quality especially for the standard grades of foam rubber, as the largest density, not measuring, you can judge the values of other indicators.
For example, if we’re talking about a standard rubber foam density 25 kg/m3, compressive stress will be in the range of 3.4 – 3.5 kPa. However, more important is the fact that term of polyurethane foam usage depends mostly on the density (the higher density, the longer period of its use).

Where foam rubber is used?

Answer: Standard brand in the world now gradually replaced by the brands with improved characteristics. But in our market standard still holds a dominant position. It is important to remember that the foam density of 25 kg/m3 and lower is used in Europe as packing, while in the CIS market it dominates, and is often used in furniture-makers. The standard foam density of 25-30 kg/m3 can be used for backs, armrests and head restraints, and the material density above 30 kg / m3 can be applied to seats and mattresses. Increased rigidity of the foam density of 25-30 kg/m3, in contrast to the standard grades, can be used in the manufacture of seats and mattresses in the light projected on them loads (60 to 80 kg). There are no limit on load at a density of more than 30 kg / m3, but such foam is better to use in conjunction with the softening of flooring brands HS. Brands of soft and supersoft foam (the most common HS2520, HS3030, HS3530) are widely used for the manufacture of upholstered furniture backs and flooring material for mattresses. In addition, the brand HS3530 itself is used for the manufacture of seats, and supersoft brands – in making covers for foam pillows. Elastomeric foam is used to make expensive furniture.
Summarizing, we can say that when you buy a certain brand of foam rubber, you should put its functional purpose on the first place, then the cost.

What is padding polyester?

Answer: Padding polyester – a nonwoven fabric consisting of synthetic fibers, bonded by thermal or adhesive means. Thermally obtained padding polyester is made by mixing polyester fibers and low melting. Probability of fibers migration in such materials is equal to zero.
A polymer fiber prevents the appearance of dust mites, moths and mold in it. Range of densities in the production of thermally bonded synthetic padding basically amounts to 60-500 g/m². Stiffness of blade can vary depending on its destination.
Padding polyester with the so-called “crust” is used in the manufacture of upholstered furniture (the formation of pillows). Thermally siliconized padding polyester – nonwoven fabric consisting of polyester siliconized fibers bonded thermally. In comparison with conventional, such padding polyester has better resilience as a result of crushing or washing, without losing quality. Scope: the manufacture of blankets, upholstered furniture, mattresscover.

What is a lamel?

Answer: The lamel, so-called by furniture makers, or the official name Latofleks `is a spring for beds made of multilayer laminated veneer lumber, which several years ago began to be used in Europe for the production of sofas and beds, and today is completely wiping out the spring, made of other materials. Latofleks springs retain the original strain, which is given to them in the production process. Specificity is that peeled veneer is used for latofleks. If the flexibility in manufacture of plywood is a waste, in this case, the flexibility is forming by a special mold.
Lamel or latofleks has several major standard sizes:
where the first value – the length (e.g. 600mm), the second – the width (53mm), the third – thickness (8mm). The latter value may have a tolerance (7 – 10 mm).

The mechanism of Cancer and Fortune – the principle of the sofa-books.

This mechanism is a copy of the Polish Mechanism Cancer K-10. The mechanism is very simple, has a side mount, 2-position. Guiding mechanism is not attached to the bottom bracket (lower bracket is available), it creates unnecessary difficulties in fixing mechanism to duct sofa. Also, the lack of a mechanism is unfinished trigger that can not work, slip.

This mechanism is widely popular in Ukraine, also known as the “Premiere”. It is finalized Cancer (it has a lower mounting bar, another dog). Simple mechanism of transformation. It has 2 position. When using a sofa with such a mechanism it is necessary to push the couch with a back of 60 cm from the wall at 15 cm. The mechanism is mounted outside the box, has a side mount.

What is the Dolphin mechanism?

Answer: Dolphin is a mechanism that is used primarily in the couch, but can be used in straight lines. One part of the bed “Dolphin”is a seat. The second is contained in a special Pull-out unit, located under the seat. First, additional section rolls out from the main seat. Then it is lifted by a loop, and set in the same plane as the main seat, thus forming a complete sleeping berth. The manipulations itself resemble the motion of diving dolphin, hence the name. It is a reliable and simple mechanism, and it is very easily to cope with.
“Dolphin” can withstand heavy loads, but is not very suitable for permanent use.

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