Our supply department

Accessories vendors often believe that their only task is to sell accessories. At best, they are ready to provide free delivery or delay in payment, to offer additional benefits to the client. But vendors are not ready to understand the intricacies of the client’s problems and needs, and this could facilitate collaboration. “Your delivery office” is a service from the “Mebelny master” company which is aimed primarily at improving conditions of work with furniture manufacturers and accessories distributors.


  • acquaintance from within with the clients’ problems and needs to their better understand;
  • establishment of close personal contact with the staff to improve client loyalty to the “Mebelny master” company;

Description: “Mebelny master” managers should have a quarterly business trips and attend business customers (upholstered furniture manufacturers, the company selling accessories and components units) to better understand how they are organized by technology and business processes. When visiting a company manager studies and better examines the clients’ needs, understands the causes of problems and helps to solve them, demonstrates new products range, promotes the development and production of new furniture models. Thus, managers of “Mebelny master” seeking to become the client company’s “supply department workers”.

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